To prepare for the COP 21 (Paris, December 2015), Vietnam has just submitted the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) report to UNFCCC today 29 septembre 2015. Below are some highlights:
Business-As-Usual scenario:
The BAU starts from 2010 (the latest year of the national GHG inventory) and includes the energy, agriculture, waste and LULUCF (Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry) sectors.
GHG emissions in 2010: 246.8 million tCO2e
Projections for 2020 and 2030 (not included industrial processes):
- 2020: 474.1 million tCO2e
- 2030: 787.4 million tCO2e
Unconditional contributions: With domestic resources, by 2030 Viet Nam will reduce GHG emissions by 8% compared to BAU, in which:
- Emission intensity per unit of GDP will be reduced by 20% compared to the 2010 levels;
- Forest cover will increase to the level of 45%.
Conditional contributions: The above-mentioned 8% contribution could be increased to 25% if international support is received through bilateral and multilateral cooperation, as well as through the implementation of new mechanisms under the Global Climate Agreement, in which emission intensity per unit of GDP will be reduced by 30% compared to 2010 levels.
A roadmap with methods to implement GHG mitigation measures to achieve Viet Nam’s INDC will be issued.
For more information, please find the report in attached VIETNAM_S_INDCs.pdf . For more INDCs reports from other countries, please click HERE.