The laboratory of Oceanology and Geosciences - Lille 1 proposes the following PhD thesis on " Assessment of Marine Renewable Energy potential in Vietnamese waters":

Marine renewable energy (MRE) conversion to electric power seems to leave the early stage of development due to growing interest for wave, tidal flow energy, and thermal energy conversion. A basic evaluation of renewable energy resources by research and consulting companies showed that the Vietnamese seas and estuaries have a non negligible potential, assuming also various marine energy resources. However there is no detailed knowledge of the quantity of extractable resources and their geographic location.

We propose to quantify MRE resources, in particular hydrokinetic marine and estuarine resources, wave energy, and thermal energy potential, using metrics conventionally employed in different countries.

The methods of resource assessing and mapping involves the use of numerical modeling, current velocity measurements by towed and bottom mounted devices, ocean wave measurements, and the analysis of oceanographic and meteorological data.

Based on recent development achieved in France in these fields, the present study is supposed to provide the first reliable estimate of the major MRE resources in Vietnam, and to help evaluating the feasibility of MRE projects. This evaluation will take into account a variety of conversion devices that are currently being proposed or are under active development in France and in UK.

A part of the work, in particular field measurement and modeling, will be performed in Vietnam, in the Laboratory of Oceanography of the USTH.

For more information, see Sujet_USTH_LOG_2015_Sentchev.pdf