Laurent and I are going to Hanoi early next month to startup our CleanED lab. Here is the status so far:

The plan

  • Our schedule is to hire the executive secretary in October, and for me to arrive in December.
  • We are on track with this timeline.
  • Laurent and I will be in Hanoi one week, 21/9 - 3/10 to advance the project.
  • The lab has not been formally created by the USTH administration yet. I do not know who is supposed to sign what here.
  • The creation of a CleanED web page on USTH website has been approved.
  • We need 1 office starting next month.
  • We do not have office or lab space allocated yet. Initial talks were about 120 sq. meters , this has diminished in more recent talks.

Human resources

There are 5 persons in the team

  1. Dr. Minh Ha-Duong, principal investigator. He plans to move to Hanoi early December for 5 months.
  2. Dr. Laurent van de Steene, co-principal investigator. He plans to move to Bangkok in the near future, and commute with Hanoi.
  3. Msc. Nguyen Trinh Hoang Anh. PhD student in France, under Dr. Ha-Duong's supervision. Shall defend mid 2015 and come back to be vice-director of the lab.
  4. M. Nguyen Ngoc Ban. Just finished his USTH Masters M2 in Toulouse, France. Shall be hired as CleanED executive secretary next month for 1 year, then start a PhD in France with USTH 911 program. His job description has been send to USTH, there is a job interview to do.
  5. M. Nguyen Hong Nam. Currently manager at USTH. Will join CleanED part time 50% for a PhD in USTH's new own graduate school.

Unit position in USTH

The CleanED lab (will) belong to the Energy department. As such, I report directly to its presidents Dr. Pascal Lenormand and Dr. Dinh Quang NGUYEN. I also report to the USTH DRI Didier Lecomte.

Starting budget

  • The "Objectif labos" funds will be managed by CIRAD. This budget will be 70k€ plus something. Ban will be hired by USTH on that budget, so USTH will probably have to bill CIRAD for that. This budget also allows for travel and living expenses reimbursment.
  • An equipment budget of 100k€ has been allocated. It is managed by USTH consortium in Toulouse. We will purchase lab and office supplies, computers and an experimental machine "macro thermo gravimeter" to be custom build for the lab by CIRAD in Montpellier and shipped to Vietnam.

Goals for the lab's first year

  • M2 teaching: 1 course in energy and resource economics
  • PhD: finish 1, start 1, get 1
  • Hardware: Have the macro TG operational, along with everything around in the lab to do the experiments.
  • Hardware: Have office space for 6 workers
  • Scientific: organize 1 international seminar in late 2015 where each of the 3 themes of the lab has some innovative science and technology results to present.
  • Business: Start 1 collaborative externally funded research project.

See you in Hanoi soon !