My previous post two months ago was all about planning and preparation. Today I am happy to report that we have setup both an office and a lab, and assembled a strong team already. At our last meeting, we were 4 PhDs, 3 PhD students and 2 staff. The office is in the Institute of Chemistry building, on the VAST campus very close to the University building. We have four desks, all manned at this time, with two more seats for guest researchers so please feel free to visit ! The lab is room 610 in USTH main building, we are giving practicals in Renewable Energy to the students while gearing up for research.

About research, we have send out our first proposals to MOST (the FIRST call), and to CNRS (the SMI call). Nam and I are excited to present our joint work of biomass gasification in Cambodia to the PACITA conference on Technology Assessment in Berlin next month. But Hoang Anh may beat us to the "first published article" mark with his survey on carbon capture and storage in Vietnam.

Lastly, a job market announcement: our friends at SNV Vietnam are hiring in the field of Renewable Energy, .

With warm wishes for 2015,